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Opened in the spring of 2001, Creative Minds helps clients get their message to the world. We help you determine what marketing tools you need and then assist you through the process of creating, branding, writing, designing, and publishing. And to ensure your marketing goals are met we fuse effective business theory with dynamic creative concepts.

Each marketing project is carefully evaluated and talent requirements determined. A creative team is then assembled from a highly targeted, carefully developed network of exceptionally talented and skilled independent agents. The end result - dynamic marketing materials that speak to your audience.

Are you a manufacturer with internationally marketed goods or are you better described as a local developer of consumer services? Or do you fall somewhere in-between? No matter which, you can get the help you need at Creative Minds. By working with us you can be assured of creative, targeted and effective projects - completed on time and in budget. Now there's a concept. So, regardless if your job is a small product announcement or redefining your corporate image, you will receive the utmost in creative services.

About Sarah Breshears, Owner and Project Manager

Creative Minds - Complete Marketing Communications.

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